Shed dreams

I gotta have a shed. A brand new, wooden, cottage-style shed. I gotta have it. We’re going to the shed place tomorrow to drool over stuff like this:

and this:

I have been developing an increasingly compulsive fetish around small buildings, mostly driven by this amazing dude who built a hovel that he lives in. He wrote a sweet book, Radical Simplicity, that I got at the library book sale a few years ago. He also writes a little zine called Moonlight Chronicles.

Anyway, getting off point a bit. Dan Price is a little extreme for me (well, he’s too extreme for Chris) but his life is just part of my ever-increasing fascination with living smaller and smaller. This is also partly a result of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and by what looks to be a rapidly growing subculture of people like me as evidenced by blogs like this and this.

Also, in my crazier moments  (shh, don’t tell Chris!), I fantasize about having a life like this.

Anyway, for now, I’d really like to have a livable “shed” in the back of my house – a place for storage but also a place to put guest overflow if the need arises. This is what I want – this is what I shall have!


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