Gotta get a Goddagidda-way

First project for the new place – building a Goddagidda-way. We’re gonna need this little thing, mostly because it looks like Chris’s daughter is going to live with us from about May till September this year. To put it simply, I’m gonna hafta get away!

This cute little thing is from, created by my new crush Derek “Deek” Diedricksen. You can see this guy in action on his YouTube channel where he talks about all sortsa cool little house stuff.



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2 responses to “Gotta get a Goddagidda-way

  1. Julie Kerby

    Ok, 16sq ft, two pieces of plywood = 4’x4′ footprint. Let me do the math here…. that means the diagonal (or longest dimension) of the floor/bed space is 5.65 feet. I’m thinking at 5’9″ tall, that would be a might uncomfortable for you to stretch out in. Might want to splurge and make it 4’x6′, though that might require a third piece of plywood…

  2. Wendy Byrd

    what about a Shed gidda way? combine your shed must have with your gidda way need 🙂

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