Fuck you, Butler!

Isn’t the cottage looking lovely? Spring has sprung!

We spent last weekend in Richmond. We haven’t moved in and have no furniture, but that’s ok. There’s so much to do in Richmond, we didn’t spend much time at home.

We went to a great little dive bar, Bamboo Cafe, where we got a surprisingly great meal and watched the VCU/Butler game. Gotta love a town where ladies feel free to shout out shit like “Fuck you Butler!” repeatedly, both in the bar and on the street after VCU lost. We also saw this spray painted on a sign outside someone’s apartment. Love it. Not really loving the jean hotpants dark stockings look we saw everywhere. However, this look does make me, queen of the sweatpants, feel like I’m kinda dressed up.

Just loved the weekend down there, though it was quite exhausting and I slept most of the day on Sunday when we got back to the shack. There’s quite a bit of work we want to do to the cottage. We’ve decided to refinish the floors (oak under that there carpet) and also to hire someone to do the interior painting (just really tedious work that neither of us has time for right now). So all that should be done by the last weekend of April and we’ll probably move down then (after our long-awaited “honeymoon” in Paris!)

So April’s a busy month. But we should be down in Richmond fulltime in May and just in time for the Carytown 10k!


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